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Our Product, Your Business - how HSEQ Manager can help

Assess and control

HSEQ Manager is designed to capture reports using a smartphone directly through the web account. One account for your business and just add users.

Forms can be customised to suit your needs. All actions created from the reports are collated on one register "Action Management Register", allowing full control of your business and projects without any dedicated safety person to capture these records.

Capture information and share wherever you are.

With the management modules you have several tools to your disposal to manage HSEQ data. “Communication” is fundamental to the success of any organisation and is linked this to “continuous improvement”.

Identify and log

Access all report from your device.

Working smartly is the key to success. HSEQ Manager allows you to create a new report from your smart device. This information is shared immediately in a suitable format that includes reports in PDF and all digitally signed.

Turning data into intelligence

Dashboard provides organisational insight from the date captured.

All modules contribute to the dashboard providing insight on critical information – such as trends on report by type, project, user, month, day, time of day, status.

“HSEQ Manager” app

Management system in your hand.

The HSEQ Manager application is designed to allow the user to create any type of HSEQ report using a handheld device, in this case the iPhone, iPad and Android device. The design is based on the most commonly used procedures for health, safety, environmental and quality reporting. Considering industry requirements and responsibilities, it has become essential to record and report on all types of HSEQ events. This application will provide a secure and seamless way to record, create and manage reports.

Try a smart and adaptable compliance system that works the way you want it to.

Register your company, download the app and add users

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