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Affiliate program (basic and professional)

Become an Affiliate with HSEQ Manager. Since 2012, our mission has been to provide an affordable and simplistic management system that is suitable for any business.

As an Affiliate with HSEQ Manager, you will help connect us with companies that have any form of health and safety obligation and become a leader in health and safety and all associated management systems. If you’re looking for a career with a solid compensation package, we know just the place.

To register for this opportunity - please follow the link and register.

There are two affiliate groups, and each is designed around what you can offer to potential clients.

  1. Basic affiliate program (10%) – this allows anyone to register and earn a percentage of the subscription fees from those new companies introduced by the user.
  2. Professional affiliate program (up to 70%) – the person or organisation is required to be working in the field of HSEQ. The person or organisation will be given the opportunity to implement HSEQ manager directly with their own clients and as your business grows, to percentage of revenue from subscriptions will increase.

Basic affiliation program

Introduce new subscribers and earn a small fee based on 10% from subscriptions. Register and use the link in your dashboard to send to potential clients.

Professional affiliation program

As a professional affiliate, you are required to connect with other companies and introduce HSEQ Manager. At the same time, you will continue your daily operations in the same field whether it is through consultation, teaching, training or any other type of service. The professional package is designed to give your business additional tools to gain more clients. If you’re looking to grow your business in this field – please read on.

What we are looking for

Person or organisation that wants to grow their own business in the HSEQ field. The person or organisation will demonstrate the following attributes:


Competitive, uncapped compensation that leads to a passive income over time. We will start you off on the basic 10% commission and once you grow your affiliation to more than 10 companies the percentage will increase to 20%. This will continue rising your earnings until the upper threshold of 70% is reached. See Terms and Conditions for more detail – click here for more detail.

Locations available

We are constantly looking for more professionals – choose your area and register your interest. Once you have registered, contact us and submit your portfolio.

America, Australia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Oman, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa. Other areas will be considered.