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Asset Management - May 2024

HSEQ Manager is requesting expression of interest whether subscribers are interested in a module that is designed to manage assets, in particular related to plant/equipment management.

The module will be designed to allow the following:

  1. Registration of plant/equipment items - Type, Make, Model, Year, Serial no, Registration no, Photos (upload doc), Condition reports (upload doc), Operators Manual (upload doc), Maintenance manual (upload doc), Part Lists (part codes, supplier), Risk Register
  2. Start using Plant - Operator performs a plant pre-start  checks (Inspection module),  records hour details, faults at pre-start, records faults and hours at end of shift.

  3. What happens to faults? - Pre-start (Inspection module) records faults, fault logged on Fault register,  Workshop supervisor notified, Workshop supervisor allocates job to service person/mechanic,  Workshop supervisor orders parts (if required), fault fixed, service person/mechanic reports fault completed and enter details (upload documents, photo and closes out)

  4. What happens at Regular Service Maintenance? - Maintenance requirements may trigger a 250 hr, 500 hr or 750 hr service

    Service requirement request sent to workshop supervisor, workshop supervisor books service, orders parts required, allocated a date of service, allocates job to service person/mechanic, service completed, service person/mechanic enters details, documents, photos and hours into maintenance history, close job out.

  5. What information can be retrieved? - Administrative function includes the following activities

Please provide feedback whether you are interested in this module through the Contact us page.