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How HSEQ Manager can save you time and money

The Problem

Companies sometimes struggle to understand how a cloud based system can save them time and ultimately some hard earned dollars. The comparison below shows how a paper based system compares with the HSEQ Manager system.


Using an average cost of $80/hour for a worker and applied to each step in the process of creating a new report. We compare the two methods over a period of 12 months. In this time the user created 30 reports which shows the time spent using the paper based system and the HSEQ Managers application.

The comparison shows a massive 81% saving when using HSEQ Manager. The workers using a paper-based system will have spent 150 hours filling in reports while the workers using the HSEQ Manager system will have done the same job in 19.7 hours and the reports are saved for future access.

The HSEQ Manager System

The HSEQ Manager System uses templates which allows the user to fill in forms 'on the go' using the app at the place where it occurs. This allows immediate and precise communication which can be directed to the right people. Closing out actions associated with the report can be done using the app or the 'Action Management' module.

The system allows you access from anywhere. Please share this system with other users and companies so that we can make it better.