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Setting up Projects / Divisions

Before you start adding Projects you may need to add Users and Contractors that may be working for you. Read more on how to add team members here.

The idea of Projects is to allow your organization to identify where the report originates from. Lets take ABC Building Company as an example. The have a few residential properties currently underway and John the supervisor goes around creating report, punch list items and he also records hazards and non conformance reports that is sent directly to his subcontractors. 

1. Go to Settings on the main menu bar and select Projects/Divisions.

2. Click on New Project to add a new project and fill in the Project Name, reference number and tick your contractors working on this project. 

3. Add a supervisor (responsible person) for this project that will receive notifications when there are repoerts being generated. Add contractors that will be working on this project, otherwise leave blank.

4. Repeat this step for all your projects and this will allow you to create reports that are specific to a project.