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Project Name Settings [informative]

Where are Projects on the menu bar?

This can be found under the Settings menu item and then all you do is selects Projects

What is the Project Settings for?

This is to allow you and all your users to identify the project they are working on. Later the project you have selected will provide you with important information such as health and safety statistics of a specific projects.

How do I do this?

Create a new project. Here you will need to enter a name for your Project. Note that if you don't have a name for a specific projects you may want to ask the accounting team how it is cost coded. This will give you a good idea for a name. It may be a client, or an area you serve. Note that the reference number is usually a number, letters or a combination. This can be a cost code, client number or any thing that is related to the Project.

Tip: If your work is over a large area instead of specific places or locations, you can divide the whole area into Projects. You may even use Post Codes/Zip Codes to identify areas.

What are Contractors?

under the Settings tab you can enter Contractors that work for you. These Contractors may be working on only one of your projects or perhaps all of them. So add a contractor in if you think that they will be working on that project. You can add a user to a specific contractor. this way you can allow your app to be used by other people outside your company.