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The New App [version 3.1]

What's New:

Our new version of the app is designed to work independently from having a service connection. Reports can now be created and saved on your device. Later, when you have a service connection, the saved reports can be submitted and distributed.

The new web interface now allows users to:

Now that we have established the new platform and database for our app, the next phase is to add as many modules as possible. All planned over the next 6 months and along the way we want to learn from you. Please share your ideas, experiences, improvements and known bugs  to help make this a great HSEQ app.

The next two modules to be release in the immediate future are Punch List and Inspections.  

Inspections: Allows a user to inspect a work area or site to ensure that it meets the minimum health and safety requirements. Recording the work site status is important.

Punch List: This allows a user to capture any defects on any project and assign them to be fixed or completed by someone else. With this module you will be able to record the defect and send it to the responsible person straight away. This person will get a notification, see what the defect is and then go and fix the punch list item. Once fixed, the user can mark it as "Ready to inspect". After an inspection, the punch list item can be closed out - "Work done". All punch list items are listed in a database, hence the name Punch List. Users will be able to filter and print the list according to project, location,  service type, issue type and status of the item. This is going to be a wonderful new management tool to keep you on top of your project.