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Action Managment - Changes made to the system

For administrators and Power users:

Some changes introduced on how we deal with actions. There is a requirement that each Project/Division to have a supervisor and each action should have a responsible person assigned. To incorporate these key people we have made the following changes:

  1. A Supervisor can be selected for each Project/Division. (Setting - Project/Division);
  2. A responsible person can be selected for a new action. The Administrator can select and add a responsible person for each action (Action management); 
  1. The Supervisor will receive an alert message via email for all new actions;  
  2. Who can edit action - administrators, power users and supervisor of the Project/Division; 
  3. An action can be closed by administrators, power users, supervisor and resposible person of the Project/Division;
  4. Any user or a contractor can add comments to an action.

Action management changes