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Preferred Supplier - WALGA

HSEQ Manager (Xcetra Pty Ltd) is pleased to announce that we are now officially a preferred supplier with WALGA. For further information please visit WALGA here.

Xcetra Pty Ltd has developed HSEQ Manager reporting system which is one of the world’s first smartphone applications for reporting health and safety matters. It is a functional tool, through which basic and advanced HSEQ reporting can be captured and delivered at the time of any incident without using a paper-based system. The system features the ability to submit reports, update registers, conduct inspections, manage defects, submit requests and complete timesheets, etc.

The seamlessness of this application encourages our teams to report all events as they occur which in turn enhances productivity and provides you with the tools to report, monitor and manage your organisation’s health, safety, environment and quality for continuous improvement and compliancy. All reporting is captured in an online database which can be actioned as required.

Our services at Xcetra can help your organisation with business systems and software requirements. For more information please visit or