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How To on HSEQ Manager

The 'How to' menu shows you how create templates, set your account, add users and many more. The most important items to help you set up your account are shown below or visit the complete list here

It is important that you set up your account correctly from the start so that reports can be created from the time you add your first user to your account. If you have more question please contact us here.

The first step are:

  1. invite users by adding them to the account 
  2. Create your templates - add new or modify the existing ones
  3. Create projects/divisions to identify where the reports belong
  4. Invite contractors and add them to your account

Setting up an account - read me first

Add a Contractor

Add Users

Setting up Projects

Use your 30 day trial period to test the system and please contact us if you have any questions. If you need more time let us know and the trial period can be extended. (The latter applies where more than 10 users have been added to your account.)