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Advanced dashboard Update

Advanced dashboard has been updated and a few important features has been added:

  1. A print function is now added to advanced dashboard module. Each graph in the advanced dashboard can also be printed separately. The print function of each graph also contains a full legend with all values (data on the image of the graph is limited to 20 largest values). 
  2. Each section on summary page and in advanced dashboard can be collapsed. When doing this the section that is collapsed is excluded to speed up loading of these pages. The collapsed section will also be hidden on the printing option as well. 
  3. Settings on the summary page and advanced dashboard (expanded graphs and filters) are now 'per user' instead of 'per company'. This means that each user of a company only see the necessary data applicable to his user level. 
  4. Advanced dashboard also is available to users and contractors of a company and not for administrators only. For example: a Contractor will see only data relating to them i.e. data of reports shown is where the Contractor was either the creator or a recipients. This allows other users to see their world and the administrator sees the complete data set. 
  5. Long names used on graphs have been adjusted. Website code now tries to shorten and rotate long labels to display as much data as possible. To avoid complicated labels it is advised to keep data short. 
  6. Multiple projects and types of reports can now be selected for all graphs in the advanced dashboard. This means that you can include or exclude projects, report types and even users as you require.