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How HSEQ Manager can improve your business success

Example 1: A construction material fabricating company recognized the need to demonstrate their capability to produce consistent quality product. They first used their own systems to run the day to day business, however there is no consistency and no means to measure their performance accurately. They decided to develop a Quality Management Plan and include HSEQ Manager system as part of the plan to create an acceptable QMS. Next, they prepared the quality manual and quality system procedures and provide all their workers access to the HSEQ Manager app. The QMS allows all their users to capture events as they occur which in turn allows transparency to recognize areas for improvement. Management can now pinpoint problem areas or projects and in turn trigger appropriate training, collaboration and lessons learnt to be shared company wide. 

Example 2: A large commercial builder lost money on several projects due to defects not being shared before commissioning dates. The company decided to employ a special quality manager to attend to defects but this manager could not visit all the projects to record all the defects as they occur. Supervision had to be trained to help with the recording and sharing the information. Supervision started recording defects and items falling behind schedule on paper which was then handed in at the site office on each project. The site administrator did not enter this data due to the workload and a second site administrator was employed to manage the paperwork. The administrator went on holiday and the site reverted back to their old problems again. The site manager then decided to implement HSEQ Manager using the Punch List module. The use of this module was so successful that there was no need for additional personnel on site anymore as the defects where distributed to the correct subcontractors for action as they occurred. Site Managers can now determine the quality of their subcontractors leading to continuous improvement.