HSEQ Manager

Advanced Dashboard Module

Advanced Dashboard module explained

1. What does this module do

This module tracks all the reports and converts the data into understandable graphical information that can be exported and copied onto internal reports. Generally this information can be used by management to track compliancy and how the company is tracking against Key Performance Indicators.

2. Creating your report

The data can be selected and customized to create a report. Each report can either be a bar chart or a pie chart. The following types of reports are available:

  • Reports by type - displays the reports create by selecting the project/division and the period of interest.
  • Reports by project/division - Select the type of report and a the graph will display occurrences for every project/division
  • Reports by user - this graph display the reports created by your users. Report types can be selected for a specific timeframe.
  • Reports by month - generally used to display reports created by the month of the year. 
  • Reports by day - this graph display the reports created by the day of the month. Select project/division and report type and display this data against a specific month.
  • Reports by hour - this allows you to determine the time when reports are created. Track what time of day incident/accident happen.

3. What do you do with the date

The data can be used for tracking and measuring your company Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). For example - you have set a new target to all your employees to raise at least 4 hazard observations a month. Now you can track this with a click of a button and immediately see who has achieved the set targets and who has not.

3. Adding this module to your subscription

If this module is not available for your company ask your administrator to select the module on the subscriptions page and add it to your HSEQ Manager app toolbox.