HSEQ Manager

Registers Module

Register Module explained

1. What are Register (Register module)

The Registers Module is an easy way to keep records of all types of assets or products you may have. For the purpose of this How To tutorial we will discuss the types of registers available and how to create your own register.

Note If this module is not available for your company ask your administrator to select the module on the subscriptions page and add it to your HSEQ Manager app toolbox.

2. Default templates available

Templates available for quick access include:

  • Chemical register
  • Electrical register 
  • Equipment register
  • Fuel/Oil register
  • Lifting equipment register

Any of these registers may be modified and changed to suit your company requirements. You may also create your own type of register.

3. Setting up a register

For this example we will use the Chemical register and go through the steps of making changes to this register. Firs select Modules > Registers and the register screen will appear. On the left you can select from the dropdown box the type of register. On the right are buttons - here you need to select Settings button.

HSEQ Manager - select templates

On the Settings page the following fields will be displayed. Click on the edit icon.

HSEQ Manager - register templates available

On selection of the edit icon the following fields are displayed. Note that Project Name, Location, Bar code/asset ID and Chemical list type are fields that cannot be deleted as they are required for the register database.

HSEQ Manager - editing your register template

Now you may select the New Field button and add more fields to the register as required. The fields that you can choose from include the following types:

  • Short text
  • Long text
  • List - which allows you to add descriptions from which to select
  • Yes/No
  • Yes/No/NA
  • Date
  • Date and time - perhaps for selecting a date when a specific item was updated in the register
  • Image - for inclusion of images to the register

Once all the fields are added the register will be ready for use. Compulsory fields are there to force a user not to leave a field blanks. The Don't show in App tick box removes the field from when a user's app - this is used where certain fields should only be edited by the Company Admin register on HSEQ Manager.

Note It is not advisable to change a fields once used as this may result in data not matching your descriptions or lost data when a field is deleted. Make sure that you are happy with the template and then start using it.

4. Using the registers

From the module menu bar select Modules > Registers and then select the required register. In this case it is the Chemical Register.

HSEQ Manager - Register page

Select the add new button and the register will open up that was created before. Enter the item detail and save the item. This register can be done from the app.

5. On the App

All register items should have a unique asset number or a bar code. To update an existing item you can either enter the asset number or use the bar code scanner to scan the item. This will allow you to retrieve the latest entered data for the item and then change it to suit. 

All register items will show history of the changes as they are made.

6. Adding this module to your subscription

If this module is not available for your company ask your administrator to select the module on the subscriptions page and add it to your HSEQ Manager app toolbox.