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HSEQ Manager

HSEQ Manager was developed by a group of friends that have been working in the Australian construction industry for several years. Their vision is find ways to improve on current HSEQ reporting systems. The result is a functional tool, through which basic HSEQ reporting can be captured and delivered at the time of occurrence without using a paper based system. Available technologies now make it possible for us to create such reports instantaneously and then also send the results to the correct recipient. This seamlessness motivates our teams to report all events as they occur which in turn enhances productivity.

HSEQ Manager has developed one of the world's first smartphone applications for reporting on HSEQ. The reporting system is categorised under two headings: HSE and Quality. Each of these categories has three reports. In HSE they are: accidents/incidents, near miss and a hazard. Under Quality, the reports are: non-conformance, near miss and improvement/prevention proposals. The user simply chooses the applicable report type and enters the data as required. The data is then captured in the report and saved, ready to be sent at your convenience. For premium users the data is also captured in the secure online web portal in order for your HSEQ Manager to administer as required. (Note that this feature is only available on the Premium version of the HSEQ app.)

You can use the “HSEQ Manager” application to record, register and submit HSEQ reports without having to use a paper based system. The report goes directly to any selected recipient's inbox in your email system, rendering the use of paper and other reporting systems redundant. The receiver can process the report further as required by the organisation's procedures. The application includes the generated report as a pdf or word document. By continuously improving internal work practices, procedures and processes, it will be easier to make the adjustments needed to ensure a secure, streamlined and profitable business.

Go paperless!